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Dateline: December 2001

Security and Video Conferencing are two technologies likely to get extra attention this coming year.
Security - The September 11 tragedy has brought about a more serious approach to facility security. Access and monitoring equipment is more in demand, but is it the latest technology? NEW Marketing Services offers many specialized lines including Simplex for state of the art integrated security systems. 
Video Conferencing - A study on Sept.19 by the National Business Travel Association showed that 88 percent of companies planned to increase use of videoconferencing. Videoconferencing options that provide decent quality at low cost are expanding. People will be meeting more often but traveling less. NEW Marketing Services offers Fourth Phase for videoconferencing tools.

New Leviton Product Release - Industrial Power Lite Plugs and Connectors - Leviton introduced Their PL Devices which indicate power status by means of a transparent lens and pre-wired power light located in the body of the device. PL devices are ideally suited for a workplace environment where quick visual indication of power status enhances maintenance related tasks and minimizes nuisance callbacks. Distribution Services

NEW Reviews Year 2001 - After reviewing year 2001 Products and Services, NEW customers expressed satisfaction with NEW's response to their many challenges. The meeting took place on December 13 in a banquet room in Monterey Park. George Hernandez (Healthcare Engineering Services) claims that "You can get better and faster results from NEW than most factory technicians," Concerned with manufacturers' lack of technical support and the continued reduction in the workforce, customers are beginning to rely on NEW specialists and knowledgeable staff for solutions, NEW Business Development Specialist, was the recipient of some immediate request at the event. "I was approached as soon as the customers heard about my 23 years experience with the Square D Company, I felt like the most popular guy there!" Distribution Services - Engineering Services - Marketing Services

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Dateline: November 2001

NEW Proudly Supports Our USA Troops

We Salute You

Fourth Phase Teams Up With NEW - NEW and Fourth Phase, an entertainment supplier and service specialist, have announced a strategic alliance. The agreement will provide NEW customers with specialty lighting and effects products and services for the meetings, conferences, and entertainment venues. "Most of the show business technology is now practical and available to all market segments." Says Larry Lindeman. "And now we're capable of providing a complete electrical and electronics package."
As a primary supplier of most of the major studios and production companies, NEW's experience and cumulative knowledge in the entertainment industry will enhance their service into the markets. NEW marketing services.

Square D Announces PRODUCT NOTICE! - Height change to Square D 225 Amp 42 circuit NQOD Panelboards with Feed Through Lugs has been reduced in height by 6 inches. THE BOXES AND TRIMS PREVIOUSLY SPECIFIED (AND CURRENTLY SHOWN IN THE DIGEST) WILL NOT WORK WITH THE NEW INTERIOR. When ordering these products, please take care to order the right combination of interior, box and trim.

Square D Announces ALTIVAR® 58 Ethernet and DEVICENET® Communication Cards-

The ALTIVAR® 58 (ATV58) Ethernet MODBUS® TCP/IP Communication Card provides the ability to control, configure and obtain diagnostic data from the ATV58 family of drives. Critical, real-time information is available to various layers of an integrated manufacturing facility. The DEVICENET® Communication Option Card is also now available for use with ATV58 family of adjustable frequency AC drives. The card allows customers to easily integrate existing Allen-Bradley automation systems to take advantage of the latest design features, innovative packaging and superior economy of the ATV58 family. The DEVICENET® communication card simply plugs into the drive controller and is easy to configure with the included Electronic Data Sheet. 

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Dateline: October 2001

NEW Reintroduces Simplex - NEW customers were introduced to the new restructured Simplex-Grinnell Company, at a products and services presentation in Monterey Park this month. The Tyco owned company is the industry's strongest and most capable provider for fire protection, life safety, integrated security, communications and workforce management. Simplex has partnered with NEW for their ability to market integrated solutions for both of the companies' respective customers and to new target accounts. The improved Simplex-Grinnell line continues to enhance NEW's offering as a one-stop-source for MRO products and services. Marketing Services

Square D Offering Walker Duct Products - Square D has announced that, beginning October 1, 2001, all Infloor products purchased through Square D will be supplied by The Wiremold Company. Square D/Schneider Electric has reached an agreement with The Wiremold Company to purchase and resell several Walker Infloor System products including Walker Underfloor Duct, Wallduct, Trench duct, Cellular Duct and service fittings. 
The Square D products that will become obsolete in this transition are The Subway Underfloor Duct, Wall Duct and Trench Duct. Square D will continue to offer the service fittings for Square D Infloor systems that have already been installed. Distribution Services

NEW offers Corian® Switch & Receptacle Covers - Corian® Surfaces are now available through NEW for electrical and non-electrical applications. Wall plates for electrical wiring devices and panelboard covers can be ordered to match any existing Du Pont® Corian® surfaces including walls, counters, cabinets and bathrooms. All products are manufactured by Corian®-certified fabricators and are guaranteed. Corian® is now a preferred product in commercial applications for its durability and nonporous features. All solid surfaces are completely renewable, allowing for both simple and preventative maintenance. Marketing Services

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Dateline: September 2001

NEW joins our Nation in mourning and in
strengthening our resolve as Americans



NEW! I-LINE Plug-on Unit with SURGELOGIC TVSS - A new, cost effective surge protection solution from Square D is available to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, laser printers, copiers and fax machines, from transient over-voltages. The I-LINE Plug-on Unit plugs onto an I-Line panelboard, or switchboard buss stack like a circuit breaker, saving labor time and material cost. This plug-on unit can also be fitted onto the I-LINE interiors of the Modular Panelboard System, or the Integrated Power Center from Square D. NEW Distributor Services

LCD Enlightens NEW Customers
- Lighting Control and Design, a manufacturer of lighting controls, introduced their state of the art lighting panels to NEW customers at a product and services presentation in Pasadena, August 29. Facility managers were eager to get specifications for the products as they continue to look at different options to address rising energy cost. LCD's "smart" lighting panels can be pre-programmed for multi functions year round, and have the unique feature to communicate with most existing lighting sensors. For more information on LCD contact NEW Marketing Services.

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Dateline: August 2001

Energy Saving Symposium - NEW is teaming up with the California Society of Healthcare Engineering and The Gas Company at the Facilities & Engineering Mini-Seminar, September 27, to bring a comprehensive program for dealing effectively with the regulations and challenges facing facilities today and in the immediate future. NEW will provide a track to address energy savings with products and integrated solutions in the electrical and HVAC connection. NEW Marketing Services

Customer Appreciation Day
- NEW hosted over 350 guests at their annual Customer Appreciation Day on a sunny Saturday afternoon this year. Guests enjoyed a great time beginning with the afternoon gathering mix, a superb meal and an evening rooting for their favorite team at Dodger stadium. "It's more like a family gathering" says Maggie Chan, marketing coordinator for the event, "we have gotten to know customers both at and away from the workplace." Maggie has been coordinating the event for the past 7 years. NEW Marketing Services 

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Dateline: July 2001

New Estimating Software Releases - July 9, 2001 - Trade Power, an e-business solutions provider for the construction industry, today announced the latest release of it's estimating software for contractors. Estimation 7.0 and it's purchasing and materials management software for contractors, PowerPRO 7.0. The new releases are advanced estimating and purchasing software packages, providing complete software integration capabilities for streamlined processes and real-time transactions with suppliers through the TradePower online exchange.

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Dateline: June 2001

Product & Services Showcase - NEW hosted it's annual Product & Services Showcase at the Casa Italiana this year, providing attendees a very comfortable and entertaining venue. The products and services on display included data communications, electrical, industrial, and HVAC. Over twenty five different manufacturers were represented as they introduced new products and answered all inquiries. To add to the festivities, NEW customers were thrilled to voice their support for the Los Angeles Lakers during their run for the championship, as the Laker Girls cheered and danced in support of the Lakers and the NEW team.
NEW Line Card   NEW Services

Trade Power Partners with NEW
- NEW now offers e-commerce through Trade Power, an e-business solutions provider for the construction industry. Trade Power equips contractors with tools needed to improve the overall procurement process through direct connections to their distributors. This tool provides them with the ability to lower costs and maximize efficiencies. NEW customers will have the capability to receive instant material pricing and availability information online, direct from NEW's business system, and purchase materials quickly and easily with electronic purchase orders. NEW Marketing Services

NEW Team Members - NEW announced the addition of two new specialist to their staff this month. NEW Team

Tee Toth - Business Development Specialist, will provide engineering and consultative services to NEW customers. With over 23 years experience with Square D Company and over 32 years in the electrical industry, Tee brings strategies and solutions for existing customers as well as developing new business through NEW Marketing Services.
NEW Engineering Services    NEW Marketing Services

Duane Acuesta
- Field Representative in contractor sales, Duane specializes in lighting applications and products. Before joining NEW, he acquired a firm understanding of the contractor business and lighting specifications while working for the three largest lighting agencies. As a distributor representative, he now represents more than one product line and can offer complete packages or various options to NEW customers. NEW Distribution Services 

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Dateline: May 2001

Product & Services Showcase-Mark your calendar June 7th for the NEW annual Product & Services Showcase. See new products and services available. Speak with your NEW Representatives, visit product booths, and meet the manufacturers representatives. Refreshments will be served, plan on a pleasant and informative visit. NEW marketing services 

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Dateline: April 2001 

NEW specialist joins UL Panel-NEW connector specialist Jack Shaw has been added to Underwriters Laboratory STP 1640, Standards Technical Panel for Portable Power Distribution Equipment and Devices. The Standards Technical Panels (STP's) comprise balanced participation by producer, user, and general interest categories, serving as the standards development forum. The STP will serve as the focal point of Underwriters Laboratory standards development and revision process. Jack Shaw is one of the specialits at Ask a Specialist.

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Dateline: March 2001 

NEW Alliance-NEW and Retrofit Service Co, (RSC) an energy management, HVAC and retrofit specialist, have announced a strategic alliance. The agreement will provide NEW customers with HVAC, cogeneration and energy management services that include custom products and design- build expertise. RSC was introduced to customers at NEW's last product and services presentation in Pasadena. Most were enthusiastic and considered the alliance very timely. "We can all use the additional support during the energy crisis," Seemed to be the quote of the day. NEW marketing services.


Dateline: February 2001

Paramount Studios - Facility managers at Paramount Studios hosted a two day mini symposium for energy saving and power backup products on January 30th and February 1st at the studio facility. NEW field representative, Larry Lindeman and NEW marketing services coordinated the presentation of various manufacturers that included electronic timers, dimmers, compact fluorescents, electronic ballasts, occupancy sensors, desktop sensors and uninterruptible power supply systems. The topics included state of the art technology and energy management as well as unconventional products and the false claims made by maverick sales representatives. Lindeman noted that, „Paramount Studios has a history of promoting environmental awareness and energy conservation. They sponsor an annual Earth Day event featuring exhibits and displays right on the lot.

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Dateline: January 2001

Back-up Systems - MYERS Custom Products introduced the PowerBackú UPS system to NEW customers at a January 24th product presentation in Monterey Park. The pedestal PowerBack is designed to provide uninterruptible power to traffic signals during power outages. MYERS Custom Products also offers UPS systems for other weatherproof applications. The timely presentation was accompanied by an informative review of Dual-Lite Spectronú Integrated Life Safety System. The redesigned inverters provide a central source of continuously conditioned, sine wave AC output to connected power. Dual-Lite also discussed other Life Safety products and energy saving LED exits.


Dateline: January 2001

Pyle National Connectors - NEW launched a Pyle National products marketing campaign offering an enhanced inventory as well as expert product knowledge from their product specialist, Bob Christensen. Christensen wants to remind his customers that, "The last warehouse relocation that Pyle National went through resulted in a large scale interruption of service." Christensen believes that history will repeat itself. He welcomes all inquiries including any from other wholesalers. "This line is so specialized that we don‚t see other distributors as competitors. They are all important customers to us!" Ask Bob Pyle National

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Dateline: December 2000

SMS Speed-lok Connectors - NEW has announced plans to joint market and inventory the SMS line of cam locking connectors. The redesigned Speed-Lok connector is completely mate-able with other manufacturers‚ cam locking devices and has become the preferred connector for a segment of NEW‚s entertainment customers.

"The SMS line compliments our ECT inventories and strengthens our position as a connector specialty house." Explains Jack Shaw, product specialist for NEW. "We‚re customer-driven, so there will be some redundancies because different customers make different choices." He adds, "The important thing is that we respond to our customers‚ needs."

Energy Crisis - The NEW customer feedback meeting held on December 13, 2000 produced some discussion about the State of California energy crisis. Regardless of who or what‚s at fault and what the outcome, most customers see the need to refocus on energy conservation, power protection and back up systems. NEW made a commitment to coordinate product and services presentations offering solutions for higher energy and maintenance costs as well as transient voltage and rolling blackouts.

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