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Eclipse Solar Energy

LED Light Tubes


Solar Powered LED Street Lamps
For solar powered LED lighting projects call 323-222-7181

Eclipse Solar Energy

Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Relationships: These are the three principles on which Eclipse Solar is built. Our faith in alternate energy technologies and the benefits they represent over conventional energy production allow us to stand with pride and satisfaction behind each of our clients.

With cutting edge technology powered by industry leading photovoltaic cells and long lasting LEDs, our customers can be confident they are receiving the highest quality products designed to continue to produce energy for decades.


Needs Assessment

Determining what a company is looking for is the first step in developing specific applications required by the project. From this, modifications or production of the right solar and LED system can be made.

Product Modification

Eclipse Solar can modify its products to better suit a company's particular needs. This can include a wide range of modifications, such as extending the power supply, increasing storage capacity or LED brightness adding timers or sensors, color, portability, or any number of other modifications.

Custom Manufacturing

“Tell me what you need”. This statement reflects one of Eclipse Solar's core values. We work with clients to find new am inventive ways to utilize technology to fit the company's needs. There are few limits to what can be designed and accomplished


Street Lighting

Solar powered street lighting is probably one of the best representations of the benefits achieved by combing solar power generation with extremely long life LED lighting. It not only provides clear, bright lighting but can do so for over twelve years without using a single watt of grid provided electricity.

Hazard Signs

With integrated solar panels and bright LED lights, these signs actively warn motorists of an impending hazard. Especially valuable in remote locations where conventional grid power is not available, or places with frequent poor visibility levels, LED signs provide enhanced safety and have been proven to drastically reduce road mishaps.

Road Indicators

Able to withstand 23 metric M Tons of time force, these solar powered road spikes use LED light to increase road visibility up to 900 meters. This increases reaction time dramatically. Where installed, nighttime accidents have been shown to be reduced by 70%


The number one reason why businesses invest in solar is to reduce their energy costs. With annual energy usage per household rising year after year combined with population growth and tighter restrictions on existing energy production facilities, energy costs are expected to rise at a greater rate than adjusted inflation. Replacing a building’s energy requirements with solar will courts a profound cost savings for a company, over the home of the equipment.


Besides generating a company’s own renewable energy, solar may be a more appropriate solution for your project’s particular application.

With power available at the location it is needed in, there is no need for costly trenching and wiring into the existing power grid. This will result in substantial savings in infrastructure costs and a reduced project build time.

It is also the ideal solution for portability or small scale energy requirements. Solar power systems can be installed on posts along with the sign or system that they are powering. In many cases the power cells can be built into the application itself, allowing for a self contained system that can easily be transported to its required site.

Green Initiative

As a clean, renewable energy production source, solar powered systems reflect the continuing trend for “Green Energy”. With various Federal and State mandates to increase renewable energy as well as numerous rebates, credits, grants, and incentives, large portions of the cost can often be offset. In addition to this positive financial impact, solar energy systems also generate excellent community good will. It is highly visible way to show that a company or organization is making environment-friendly energy choices.


Lower Energy Requirements

With the rising cost of electricity, LEDs are a logical lighting choice. Using less tan half the energy of high efficiency fluorescent light bulbs and about 10% the energy of most other comparable light fixtures, LEDs will start to save your company capitol the very first day of use.

Better Light Quality

Because LEDs typically produce clean clear light, with no flickering, no start up period, less night time “halo”, greater projected range, and better optical light, LEDs easily surpass all other light sources other than the sun itself.

Lowered Maintenance Costs

Because LEDs typically last for 14 years or more, you don’t have to purchase, store, replace and dispose of your lighting every few months. Also, since LEDs begins to slowly lose their luminance after their designed lifespan, instead of simply burning out like most conventional lighting, you can schedule an entire system replacement for even greater savings over small, periodic replacements. These savings allow more of your maintenance budget to be directed towards all your other facility requirements.

For solar powered LED lighting projects call 323-222-7181

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